Friday, November 12, 2010

My best buy.

I'm in Maryland taking care of my Mom, and the Whole Foods store in Annapolis is my go-to stop for almost everything, including these lovely tulips.

The display in the store is stunning, and the price of each bunch? Only $6.99. I'm not sure if the tulips are available in Whole

Foods stores everywhere (I suspect so), but trust me on this: You deserve a week's worth of elegance, and it only costs a dollar a day.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pam+Anna+NYC= Love

When I started my blog, I swore I would never post anything that wasn't related - at least vaguely - to gardening. Lesson learned? Never say never.

No Lawn? Try This.

Let's be honest. Would you sit on a bench draped with a piece of sod? Even more nuts, would you decorate the sod with three voltaires and a vase of white roses?

I would not, which is probably why I'm not the owner of a charming Brooklyn florist called Graceful Gardens. The shop is located on Driggs Avenue in Williamsburg, not far from my daughter's apartment. I stopped in on a recent visit, and loved the shop, despite the sod bench tableau.