Saturday, May 22, 2010

Doing the sod stomp.

Before I headed to Maryland to take care of my mom, tornadoes and record rainfalls tore up Tennessee. When the sun finally came out, I decided to stomp around in the mud and transplant the sod I had dug up before building my lasagna bed.

Tony found my sod stomp endlessly amusing, so instead of helping, he snapped these photos. Don’t you love how I’ve managed to pull together another stunning outfit?


  1. girl! you need to get yourself a sundress and a cute straw hat. and matching clogs and a yard man.

  2. It's too late....once they know you can do the work... I need to be more like my Aunt Barbara, who stopped lugging in groceries when she was pregnant 50 years ago and hasn't unloaded a bag of groceries since. She has lovely nails too. Ah me.