Friday, August 6, 2010

We have bees!

When I was growing up in Maryland, we got stung by bees. I assume this is because 1) we spent as much time as possible barefoot, 2) in our neighborhood, no one chemically treated their lawn so there was clover everywhere, and 3) there were more bees. I don't remember my own daughter ever getting a bee sting, but she might tell you otherwise.

Like most gardeners, I'm worried by the decline in bee populations, a decline I've seen firsthand. Some summers, the only bees I see are the ones burrowing there way into trim on my house.

Happily, I can report bee sightings in my vegetable garden. This is a bumblebee, a fact I confirmed on this nifty site called "the bee hunter." I don't know if I'm seeing one bumblebee or a family, but she/they love the cucumbers and okra.


  1. I am seeing more bees. I have also seen the return of fireflies in the evening. Lots and lots of them. They are such wonderful little creatures!

  2. I'm seeing fireflies too, although nothing to compare to that night many moons ago when I saw a tree ablaze with fireflies. It was a country road behind Allen's Pond and the entire tree was blazing like Christmas lights. A real show-stopper. I've never seen anything like it since.