Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa are you listening?

I'm a big talker, and sometimes (gasp!) I talk more than I do. This is especially true when it comes to composting. I've read so much about composting that I understand green matter and brown matter and hot compost and a wet compost (frankly, those last two weren't too difficult to figure out).

But have I started composting the endless piles of food scraps I throw out every week? No, because I've been stymied by what type of composter to buy. (And yes, I've talked endlessly about that decision too.)

Happily, the Christmas season has spurred me into action, and thanks to one of my favorite gardening sites (Gardener's Supply Company), I've found the perfect solution: a simple wire rectangle with a door, so it's easy to reach in with a shovel and turn the pile.

Even better, the composter costs $40, which isn't as cheap as chicken wire, but is a lot less than the $200 composting bins that are ugly as well as expensive.

I told Santa I wanted the composter, but because I know he's busy, I went ahead and ordered it myself. How's that for decisive action?


  1. I keep saying I need to compost too. It seems like the green thing to do, but I don't garden, so what would I do with all that compost?

  2. You could give it to me! Or a neighbor or just spread it around on your lawn. Plus, it takes a few months to make compost, so it's not a decision you will need to make right away.

  3. good find; I bet Grif will want to crawl in there and sit on top of the leaves (or banana peels) it looks like his kennel. I need to check out Gardner's Supply Company; don't think I've ever been there.

  4. the paper whites you gave me are blooming; you can see them Christmas Eve. This morning I planted tulip bulbs that I'm hoping will bloom next month in the sun room. I put them next to the paper whites for inspiration.

  5. I've haven't tried to force tulips...they need a deep freeze and I never have room in my refrigerator. Too much cooking going on. I can't wait to see them grow.

  6. Well, I hope that will work for you. I tried it with homemade wire cages and...didn't love it.

    So I'm looking at the ugly $300 plastic jobbies.

    And I cannot decide.