Sunday, July 4, 2010

I've created a monster.

My two cucumber vines are the alpha dog of my garden, wrapping their way around the tomatoes and crowding out the eggplants. Lesson learned: Give cucumbers plenty of room.

To compensate, I moved one the eggplants to the other end of the garden. She wasn't happy, but she did bounce back after lots of watering. I also found another cage in the shed, untangled the vines from the tomatoes, and wrapped them around their new support. It was a delicate job.

By the next day, the cucumbers were winding their way around the second cage and popping out more babies. Their older siblings are, I think, almost ready to pick.

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  1. My mother can grow cukes like no one I know. We had a 2.3 footer one year! We didn't see it under all the leaves until it was giant! We were having cucumber 'sammaches' for over a week!