Sunday, July 11, 2010

Smash and grow.

When I got home Friday from work, a limb had fallen from one of our pin oaks into the flower bed below. At first, I thought it had taken down a mature Japanese maple, and I was sick about it. Fortunately, the maple was okay, but the native hydrangea next to the maple took quite a hit.

After Tony and I heaved the limb off the hydrangea (it takes some muscle to move a limb from a 70 year old oak!) I cut the broken hydrangea into branches and started to toss them in the trash. Then I thought: Can these be rooted? So I found an empty plastic trash can, filled it with water, and made a hydrangea arrangement for the patio. I'm hoping the branches will root, but I may end up with a stinky bucket of hydrangea water. Stay tuned.


  1. You're so garden-savvy! I wish I cared about my yard at all. I have weeds growing in an ugly ass rock garden in front of my house, and all my bushes are dead (or dying) because I can't remember to water them. :-(

  2. But you are serving up all those fabulous meals! The trick to gardening is it has to be a hobby and something you enjoy, not a chore. Otherwise, it just piles up like the dirty laundry.