Sunday, January 23, 2011

A few scraps for the leaves.

Okay, so it took a few weeks, but I finally put
together my
composting bin, with a little help from Tony. It was a snap: Four panels held together by these very cool swirl hinges. Check out

the photo of how they work!

I set up the bin in the back yard, next to the leaves that I saved from earlier in the winter. I saved way too many leaves, as one bag fills up a quarter of the bin. Guess I need more bins or less leaves. Yikes.

It was great fun dumping my bucket full of veggie scraps and my dead Christmas poinsettias on the pile and turning it into the leaves. (I know. Don't you wish you had my life?), but I felt like a farmer.

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  1. and someday you will be a farmer and I'll buy my produce from you. I hope you have some chickens too.