Monday, January 24, 2011

A few scraps for the leaves. Part 2

In what could be my most satisfying recycling that doesn't involve vegetable scraps, I was able to reuse the mailing box from the composter to mail Anna our fabulous paint-by-numbers "Last Supper". (For some reason, our friend Susan gave up this gem in a joint yard sale.)

Anna's been wanting the painting for her apartment in Brooklyn, but because it is a large, rectangular shape, finding a box has been difficult. I even went to a UPS store to buy a box, but they wanted $10.95. Can you believe that?


  1. This is recycling at its finest.

    That painting was probably one of the best of my collection -- painstakingly done with a home-made frame. Someone put a lot of care into it.

    Also -- it's huge! I'm interested in how much shipping will cost.

  2. We have a Fedex account and get billed, so I'll keep you posted!