Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This is how I define stupid.

I was at the dentist today and flipped through the 10th anniversary issue of Real Simple, where I spotted this new use for an old product: Use crocs as planters. Yeah, like I'm going to hang the ugliest shoes on the planet all over my backyard. Do they really thing pansies will make a difference? Have the editors at Real Simple finally lost their minds?


  1. I hate Crocs too but this picture makes them look almost cute...not cute enough to hang around your garden though. The husband considers them a fashion statement and has at least 3 pairs that he tries to coordinate with his outfits. Pathetic.

  2. I have horses and crocks. They are useful in the barn because I can wash them in my dishwasher AND I almost hope they will get destroyed. They are ugly shoes... But they are recycling them....? Although giving them to Good Will or the Salvation Army woudl my my top choice and would def. not hang them ON MY WALL... No thanks Real Simple.