Monday, March 29, 2010

Urban foraging at its best

This evening when I took Griffin for a walk, I noticed my neighbors across the street had discarded several large shrubs. As I walked past, I realized they were huge rosemary bushes! I was flabbergasted that anyone would pull up such beautiful plants and fortunately, Grif did not pee on them.

So when I got back home, I took my pruners and walked across the street to clip off rosemary branches to use, dry, and give away. Then, while I was clipping, I decided to drag home the entire bush. I clipped off the dead wood, put a little water in a trash can, and dropped in the bush for an overnight. It's huge, but I'm hopeful I can find somewhere in my yard to transplant it and cautiously optimistic that it will survive. We'll see. I'm pretty well convinced that my neighbors, if they saw me, probably think I'm nuts.


  1. I found a pecan in its shell in my backyard. No pecan trees around that I can see. Weird!

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  3. I'm sure the nut has something to do with Cricket.