Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Call me woman, hear me roar.

For the past six weeks, I've been waiting for Vince,the man who takes care of my lawn, to build me a raised bed. He's never shown up. Lori Greene of Downing Hollow Farm has been waiting a year for the same kind of help. So last week, we built the beds ourselves.

Lori got all the materials for two beds, size 6 feet by four feet, and it cost about $100. You can do it for a little cheaper if you buy 6-inch lumber and stack them, but we went with the 12-inch lumber because it was easier and we liked the more streamlined look.

The only supplies you need in addition to the lumber are a drill, screws, and brackets for the corners. It does take two people: one to drill and one to hold the lumber in place. It also helps to have a charmer like Lori's daughter Hattie to decorate the beds. We provided the muscle; Hattie provided the finesse.

Lori plans to plant the beds with herbs and flowers. Meanwhile at my house, I've moved on to a lasagne bed for my veggies. On Sunday, after a fantastic thunderstorm dumped an inch of rain on East Memphis, I spaded up the sod. Tony even helped, which is remarkable, considering he's never done yard work in 15 years. I think the idea of peppers and tomatoes motivated him.

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