Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm not Barbara, but I still hate to leave my lettuce.

In her book, Animal, Vegetable, Mineral (a must read, by the way, if you value planet Earth, self-reliance, and good food) Barbara Kingsolver describes how hard it is to leave her vegetable garden for a summer vacation. Kingsolver, of course, has an acre of two of crops at her farm in Virginia. (Show off.) Me? I have four black-seeded Simpson lettuces and two Swiss chard plants growing in pots, but I’m still worrying about my quick trip to the beach. Will the snails eat them? (Haven’t seen any yet). Will the wind blow them over? (Possible.) Should I pick some leaves before I leave (Absolutely not.)

I planted these veggies about 10 days ago, and already the lettuces look good enough to eat.


  1. I just left your backyard garden and all of the lettuce and the swiss chard are doing great. I gave them all a little water. Likewise, seedlings doing well. No snails in sight. Sami says hi.

  2. What would I do without you?! I promise some of those lettuce leaves when they are ready to harvest!