Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh happy day!

Wednesday was the first day of the farmers market at the Memphis Botanic Gardens, and I've been SO EXCITED since the weekend. I tried to eat local over the winter (can you say greens and sweet potatoes), so I am thrilled to finally be in the spring growing season. But guess what was in my CSA? Yes, it's true: sweet potatoes and kale! To be fair, there were also other wonderful things, including shitake mushrooms, a bag of delicious radishes, and two quarts of strawberries.

Here's a wonderful way to eat radishes, passed along to me by Amy Lawrence, who is a food writer for Memphis magazine: Let your butter get soft. (That means out of the fridge for at least two hours!) Slice French bread. Slice radishes as thin as you can. Butter bread; layer on the radishes; and season with salt and pepper.

Who would ever think butter and radishes could be so delicious? Think about this as a wonderful appetizer with an evening martini or as a first course for dinner. Yum!


  1. anything on buttered french bread would taste fantastic! I laughed when I saw the sweet potatoes. Damn root cellars!

  2. Three words: sweet potato pie!