Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Finally! Picking tomatoes

Now come on! Aren't these little tomatoes just beautiful? They are my first tomato picks of the summer, and I'm particularly proud of these beauties

because I grew the plants from seed. They called "Sugar Cherry" from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, a variety appreciated for its intense flavor and sweetness. I ate mine whole with a sprinkle of kosher salt: delicious!

This next photo is our first okra blossom, my favorite vegetable to grow because the flowers are so beautiful and the okra pods appear overnight and are ready to pick in a day or two. The bees also love okra. Look closely and you can see a bee nestled inside the bloom.


  1. This post gives me hope that the cucumber, pepper, and tomato plants will eventually make veggies. :-) I figured it was already too late in the season. I did get 4 tomatoes and 3 habeneros from a couple of plants I bought at Home Depot a few months ago, but they were already sort of grown plants. I've had to fight birds for the tomatoes though. They ate two of the four. :-(

  2. so, Pam shows up yesterday with her garden vegetables in canning glass jars mixed with a delicious vinegary bath with instructions to open and eat within a week. One jar had thinly sliced cucumbers with slivers of onions and the other was a medley of carrots, something else and something else and those tasty little round spice things that are always used in canning. We shared almost a bottle of wine and solved a few of the world's ills. I ate half of the cucumbers tonight for dinner and sopped up the liquid with Italian bread and polished off the thimble full of wine we didn't finish yesterday. Life is good.