Sunday, July 10, 2011

July beauties: Coming on Strong!

I am still growing food! Here are a few photos of the produce I picked today. Banana peppers, green peppers, bush beans, and sweet basil.

The fragrance of the peppers after I picked them were intoxicating. It was like breathing in all that is perfect about Mother Earth.

I'm growing three types of beans, but Blue Lake Bush Beans are my favorite. They are prolific, delicious, disease resistant, and very easy to grow. I ordered them from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange last summer, so these beauties grew this summer from the leftovers in the pack.


  1. Hey Pam! My little plants you gave me are all doing well (well, except for the cherry tomato plant. I sorta killed it early on. Oops.). The cucumber is crazy big, but no fruit — just yellow flowers. And the tomato is getting bigger (but no actual tomatoes yet). The two pepper plants have flowered, but no peppers yet. At least they're growing and still alive.

  2. Hey Bianca. That's all great. Remember the basic rule of growing veggies: The flowers turn into the vegetables! Miss you, hope all is well.

  3. Should the cucumber plant be in the ground? Its getting pretty big and it's in a giant pot,'s so long, and hanging over the a vine.

  4. I think it's probably too big to transplant, but you need to stake it so the vine grows up. I think the easiest way to stake pots is to get bamboo stakes from Lowe's or Home Depot, and make a teepe type structure with three stakes. Then the vine can wrap around. I have some extra you are welcome to use.