Monday, July 25, 2011

Project No. 1: Birdbath Resurrected

The heat in Memphis has been particularly brutal this summer, settling in a month early and staying in the triple digits for days on end. Even for me (I actually like to sweat), the heat has stymied the hard yard work as keeping the beds watered is an ongoing and endless task.

To compensate, I'm focusing on small garden projects that don't involve weeding. On Saturday, I scrubbed out empty clay pots and seed trays from the spring that I'd stacked on a piece of lawn furniture. Now the pots and the trays are stored neatly in my shed.

On Sunday, I resurrected my cooper birdbath, cleaning it and filling it with fresh water. I'd stopped filling the birdbath a few years ago when the West Nile virus made me paranoid about mosquitoes. Now I'm more worried about the birds dropping dead from the heat. Plus, I love the way it looks next to my Japanese maple.


  1. Oh Pam! I wish you'd come to my house and do garden projects! ;-) Anything involving yardwork is TORTURE for me!

  2. good move re: birdbath and it looks great. I did not know you weren't keeping a birdbath because of west nile fears. This is Yellow Fever land; your small amount of bird bath water does not have an impact. Memphis is going to have mosquitoes no matter what. The birds need water; keep their birdbath full. And the mosquitoes are a good food source for birds.

  3. Hey Bianca: Maybe one day you'll have a yard guy! It's crazy, but when I'm in the yard, it seems like it's the only part of the day that is only for me!

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