Sunday, June 13, 2010

Always listen to your daddy.

This is my new hose. Notice the shiny nozzle, because that’s the only good thing about it.

Why did I buy this piece of crap? Even worse: Why did I spend $36 for a no-kink, easy to coil, lifetime warranty hose that a) kinks, b) is not easy to coil, and c) certainly won’t last a lifetime as I’ll probably throw it away in a fit of fury?

It’s because I ignored my father’s disapproval while I waited in line at Lowe’s. He had strong beliefs about the practical tasks that pull our days together. When it comes to hoses, they have to be rubber, he insisted. And to prove his point, the rubber hose he bought 20 years ago is still in use at my mom’s house. And it’s perfect. And it doesn’t kink.

So here’s my question: Where can you buy a rubber hose these days?

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