Friday, June 25, 2010

Who needs Dave Brown?

It finally rained a little this afternoon, and most people seemed surprised. Not me. I knew rain was coming because our cat, Sisame, threw up on the ironing board early this morning. She’s a dependable vomit machine about 12 hours before the rain blows in.

June has been very dry, so the weather has meant lots of watering. That's okay with me. Watering is my favorite job in the garden. It’s easy, you can get your feet wet, and I love the look of leaves covered in water droplets. I think my canteloup (top photo) looks particularly lovely.


  1. Wow, hello Sami; you look fabulous! I take care of Sami when Pam and Tony are out of town and she is a very, very nice cat. She never vomits on the ironing board when I take care of her; probably doesn't want to push her luck. Leo, my cat, vomits all the time. Sorry, didn't mean to make this all about vomit.

  2. It only rained a splash in midtown. Seems to be the trend.

    And, fyi, the cat would not dare vomit while in Victoria's care.

  3. and then I remembered that Sami did vomit once while on my watch but I never said anything. Didn't want it to reflect badly on's all about me.