Thursday, June 10, 2010

You can't eat them, but they sure are beautiful.

The flowers of early June in Memphis are a tenacious sort. They put up with neglect, too much rain or too little, and the endless march of weeds that overwhelms the spring bloomers.

My favorite June flower is this deep pink native I bought years ago at the Lichterman Nature Center plant sale (it's the first photo). I can’t remember its name - although it’s written down somewhere - but does it matter? It’s jumped many times around my perennial bed and is especially happy draped over a rock or two.

Here’s what else is blooming in my yard: lillies, bee balm (yes, the bees do show up), coreopsis, and two kinds of hydrangea: lace leaf and oak leaf. And that spiderwort that started blooming in early May? Still going strong.

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