Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Name that weed.

My vegetable garden is looking great, but the rest of my yard? Most of it needs attention, including

these hostas planted along my front sidewalk. You’ve got to try hard to mess up a bed of hostas, but I’ve managed, thanks to this prolific mystery weed now showing off its lovely orange fruit.

If you can identify this weed, please do. I’ve found that I can postpone the hard garden work with less guilt when the weeds have names.


  1. That's a cool weed. If it was in my yard, I would leave it there because it makes pretty flowers. I have one weed in the backyard that puts off these Queen Ann's lace-looking flowers, and I've left it alone. It's now almost as tall as me. :-) I call it my "weed tree." Now crabgrass? That stuff gets ripped out. Ugh.

  2. Looks like a Chinese Paper Lantern, which I think is a perennial.