Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dear God: Please save my beans.

Of all the vegetables I've planted, I'm excited about my beans. They grow so fast, and beans are my favorite veggie. But alas, they are making me crazy.

While the rest of my plants are thriving, something (bug? rabbit? snail?) is eating my beans, both the bush beans and the poles beans. I'm tempted to start spraying chemicals, but instead, I tried this spray called Organocide. It worked for about a week, but now the holes in the leaves are showing up again. Plus, it cost $9, and I used the entire bottle in two applications.

I also planted marigolds and zinnias, in hopes that they will attract the good bugs that eat the bad bugs. No action yet, but the marigolds are brightening up the bed.

Lori Greene from Downing Hollow Farm thinks I've got flea beetles. I did see a very small tan beetle that looked like a lady bug, but it's not matching up to photos online. Also a few very, very tiny flies. Any suggestions ?

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  1. the bugs may be eating the bean leaves for the moisture; try randomly running a sprinkler in the early evening just before sundown to give the birds/bugs/whatever another moisture source.